• Digging In

    Taking the lead, DJ Jackson, class of 2023, performs a dissection alongside La’Ray McKinley, class of 2023. “It was fun; a lot of people were doing it so it was enjoyable,” Jackson said. Jackson spontaneously went to contribute to the dissection because he thought his class was boring. MIJA Superior Photo by Morgan Hubert.
  • Homecoming Game Hype

    Posing in the front row at the homecoming football game, Tyler Boyda, class of 2023, cheers on the Broncos next to [left to right] Tyler Cotten, class of 2023, Lily Temple, class of 2023, Abbie Kane, class of 2023, Kylie Aziere, class of 2024, Allison Pallo, class of 2023, and Claire Collins, class of 2023. “The theme was really cool; I liked it a lot. There were a lot of different costumes,” Boyda said. With the Disney theme, the Broncos took home another win, beating the Blue Valley Northwest Huskies. Photo by Bailey Woodbury.
  • Boys Just Want to Have Fun

    Laughing with joy, Joe Walker, class of 2023, hugs his friend. “After the outcome of the game, I was still really hype, so at the dance I was still giving that energy. Being the extra person that I am, that is very important to me,” Walker said. He proceeded to do push-ups in the dance circle. MIJA Honorable Mention Photo by Bailey Woodbury.
  • Hey Batter, Batter

    Stepping up to the plate, Jonas Pack, class of 2026, gets ready to swing.”Practicing every day and getting to work on team chemistry has been my favorite part of the season so far,” Pack said. She planned to continue playing for both school and club for the next three years. Photo by Addy Knight.
  • Concentrating Coach

    Eyes on the field, Jason Jones, assistant coach, watches the players. “For me as a coach, the best thing I saw during the scrimmage game was there was only one injury with a freshman. That was unfortunate. During the game they did a good job taking care of each other,” Jones said. Jones saw good competition against his players. MIJA Superior Photo by Abby Fry.
  • Life in the Fast Lane

    Shooting his hands out of the water Bryce Hopkins, class of 2026, competes his favorite stroke. “My favorite memory is going to pasta parties and hanging out with everybody outside of swimming. I really enjoyed my first year of high school swimming and making friends with people who are [upperclassmen],” Hopkins said. Hopkins enjoyed his first year. Photo by Abby Fry.
  • Congratulations, Coach!

    Walking out of the tunnel, Jamar Mozee, head football coach, watches his players run onto the field. “My favorite part of coaching overall is the guys. They keep me young. I like seeing them progress and get better and then become men. High school coaching is one of the best things because you can coach at different levels. You can coach at higher levels; they are already kind of grown men. Seeing the young guys develop into men is the best part. It’s also a proud moment when I see the men with their families in the community and what they have accomplished,” Mozee said. The football team made school history by going to State for the first time, and for leading the team to this honor and opportunity, colleagues nominated Mozee for the school district’s October Learning for Life Award. Photo by Abby Fry.
  • Cheering with her teammates after a good save, Isabella Talley, 9, comes together with her team. “I play setter and I like it because it's kind of like the quarterback of the team and I help my teammates out alot.” Talley said. Talley’s favorite part about playing on the school team was the people she met. Photo by Tessa Visconti.

    Team Spirit

    Cheering with her teammates after a good save, Isabella Talley, 9, comes together with her team. “I play setter and I like it because it’s kind of like the quarterback of the team and I help my teammates out alot.” Talley said. Talley’s favorite part about playing on the school team was the people she met. Photo by Tessa Visconti.

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Interested in joining yearbook?

Email Mrs. Jessica Brown, CJE (jessica.brown@lsr7.net) for more information.


What is the cost of a yearbook?

$70 if purchased by December 25.  After that, the cost is $80 until the end of spring break, and then yearbooks can be preordered for $90 through the end of the school year. If you want your name engraved on your yearbook, please pre-order your book before April 30.

To preorder your student’s yearbook, visit yearbookforever.com and search “Lee’s Summit North.” From there, follow the steps to purchase a yearbook. Credit cards, debit cards, and PayPal are accepted.

If you would like to pay with cash or check, please drop off in the front office or mail to LSN.

When is the deadline for ordering?

The last day of school. No extra books will be ordered. If Walsworth ships us any overruns, they will retail for $90. We can NEVER count on this.

How can I find out if I already preordered a yearbook?

If you think you ordered online, you can look up the email you would’ve ordered with on yearbookforever.com. If you ordered at registration through PowerSchool or in-person with cash or check, you can email Mrs. Jessica Brown, CJE (jessica.brown@lsr7.net) and she will be happy to check her system.

When will the yearbooks be delivered?

The previous school year’s books will be delivered in August the following school year and available for pickup in the front office or on a designated distribution day. For example, the yearbook for the 2020-21 school year will be distributed in August of the 2021-22 school year. Follow @lsnyearbook on Instagram and like the Lee’s Summit North Yearbook Facebook page for real-time updates. 

Some schools are spring delivery and some are fall delivery. LSN has actually been fall delivery since 2001. There are pros and cons to each, and we’ve actually found that the students today don’t value signing yearbooks as much as previous generations did, which we think is because of the presence of social media.

Our Student Council voted during the 2018-19 school year to keep fall delivery so that all of the spring events could be included, making it a complete YEARbook. Spring delivery schools actually sacrifice having spring sports and events like prom and graduation covered in the yearbook itself (there’s an option to do an insert, but then you run into the issue of those having to be picked up at a later date anyways) because the final deadline for them is before spring break.

When is School Picture Day?
Pearce Photography is our official school photographer. They will have designated picture days at the school for grades 9-11 and a designated day for seniors as well. Specific dates can be found on the school calendar. Pearce also offers senior portrait sessions for SENIORS ONLY in the summer each year for a sitting fee. Their studio is located at 415 Main Street, Belton, MO 64012. Communication of these dates will be sent by the yearbook adviser in July each summer.

Please help us ensure that your student is following the dress code. The following accessories and items are not allowed in portraits and students who are wearing or have such will be asked to remove them before their photo is taken: no hats, no hands, no headphones, no sunglasses, no backpacks, and no purse straps. They will be asked to wear a jacket if they are wearing off-the-shoulder tops or spaghetti straps that make them appear nude in their photo (yearbook photos are cropped at the shoulders) or shirts with inappropriate images or lingo. We encourage seniors to dress up—suit and tie, dress shirt and tie, collared shirt, solid color dressier tops or sweaters. Students who are not in compliance with these rules will not have their photo featured in the yearbook.

Pearce Photography will be back at the school one final time for a retake/make up date, which can also be found on the school calendar. For a sitting fee, Pearce will also allow you to schedule an appointment at their studio up until the retake/make up date, and after that, we will no longer be accepting any portraits for the yearbook.

All school pictures will be uploaded on pearcephoto.com. A week after taking your portrait, enter any email address and the student lunch number as the password to see your student’s photo and place an order for prints. For questions about viewing or ordering photos, please email info@pearcephoto.com.

Can I submit my own portrait to the yearbook?

No. Pearce Photography is our official school photographer and takes all student portraits grades 9-11. If you want to submit your own portrait to the yearbook and you are a senior, consider purchasing a senior ad.

How do I purchase a senior ad?

Don’t miss out on the opportunity to honor your senior in the yearbook by purchasing a senior ad. Prices range from $60-$430 for four different size options. Senior ads are available for purchase until Friday, November 5. Payment, photos, and messages are due by that date, and late submissions will not be accepted. You can fill out the linked order form and drop off/mail in payment, or you can place your senior ad order online at yearbookforever.com. When ordering online, please still adhere to the word count limits listed on below:

  • 1/8 page $65 Features: 1 photo & 25 word message

  • 1/4 page $120 Features: 3 photos & 50 word message

  • 1/2 page $230 Features: 5 photo & 90 word message

  • Full page $450 Features: 10 photo & 180 word message

How do I purchase a business ad?

Thank you for your interest in supporting the Aurora Yearbook program at Lee’s Summit North! Business ads are on sale from the beginning of the school year until the first Friday in November. Please contact Mrs. Jessica Brown (jessica.brown@lsr7.net) or a yearbook staff member you know for more information. You can also purchase an ad online at yearbookforever.com.

What is Yearbook Snap/Community Upload?

Aurora yearbook has opened up the opportunity for students, parents, and community members to share their photos with the yearbook staff for potential use in the yearbook. It’s simple; download Yearbook Snap (app) or go to Community Upload (desktop browser) on yearbookforever.com. Just search for Lee’s Summit North and use our school code: broncos. The yearbook staff can see who the photos are from and reach out to you if we have questions.

Where can I buy an old yearbook?

Extra copies of the 2019 and 2020 yearbooks are available for $75 in room 2135. Please make checks out to LSN Yearbook. Email jessica.brown@lsr7.net to check availability of other years.

Who is the yearbook adviser and how do I get in contact with her?

Mrs. Jessica Brown, CJE advises the Aurora Yearbook program. She is in room 2135. The best way to contact her is by email: jessica.brown@lsr7.net. You can also leave her a voicemail at (816) 986-2599 ext. 77995.

I like a picture of me in the yearbook. Can I or my parents get a digital copy?

Images captured for purposes of these publications belong to the publications. DO NOT ASK A YEARBOOK STAFF MEMBER. Images from yearbook events cannot be given out by the photographer or other staff members for people outside the yearbook program without the adviser’s permission. This includes, but is not limited to,

  • Sharing images from an event with students, staff, parents, or community members outside the publication programs without obtaining permission from the publication staff adviser.
  • Uploading images of students from school events, captured for the purpose of the yearbook or newspaper publication, to social media accounts unaffiliated with the school publications.
  • Taking credit for images captured by another staff photographer.
  • There are times images are donated to our publication by students, staff, parents, or community members. While the person who donated these images is not held to this copyright agreement, the publications program will still hold to this copyright agreement to ensure trust between donors and the program.
  • For purposes of district use, images may be shared with staff members and other members of the district at the request of staff or administration members. As long as the purpose is district related, the images may be shared. However, before sharing images, it is necessary to obtain adviser approval to ensure copyright has not been violated.
Where can I find LSN yearbook policies?

All of our policies can be found in our Style Guide/Handbook. We update this annually.

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