Broncos are back to full online learning

Story by Mia Gatti- Staff Reporter


Students are transitioning back to completely all online learning once again this school year. Many students are upset about not being able to have the social aspects they encounter when they are attending in-person school. Being able to see their friends at school is always fun, but now the computer screen is the most exciting part of these students’ days.

Some students say they can do homework with friends outside of school, but still do not feel the instruction is the same as if they were in school. Having a flexible schedule is nice, but it is harder to work with teachers when needing a little bit of extra help. 

“Since we are not in person at school I don’t get to see my friends as often. I like having a flexible schedule, and my parents allow me to work with some of my friends on homework. I don’t like not being able to ask my teachers questions when they are not face to face with me,” Kaleigh Koval, sophomore, said. 

Going back to completely online school will be challenging for everyone especially during these crazy times of unknowns, but with the endless positivity within the staff and students, learning has been doable for everyone.