Author: mindy.haesemeyer

Shooting Through The Bullseye

Story & Graphic by Talon Cleveland – Staff Reporter

  Each November, LSN Archery searches for the best archer; state cuts are made at the end of January. If you are interested in joining archery and are hearing about it too

你好! Hallo! Bonjour! Hola!

Story by Kay Haas – Staff Reporter

Lee’s Summit North hosted a Cultural Festival on February the 17th. The four languages of LSN, Spanish, German, French, and Chinese, came together to create a festival with activities from each of the

Boys Tennis Season 2024

Story & Photo by Morgan Hill – Staff Reporter

   This past week the spring sports started practice, one of them being by boys tennis.

   Boys tennis, run by Coach Reece, is a beginner-friendly sport that promises major success for the

Swinging Into The Baseball Season

Story by Talon Cleveland – Staff Reporter

  LSN baseball is ready to dominate the season; conditioning has started and the team is gearing up for a winning start. 

   “Conditioning has been a bit rocky with the weather/snow days. When

FCCLA Makes it past Regionals

Story by Bailee Council – Social Media Editor/Co-Assistant Editor

  Friday, January 26th at Belton High School, students participated in the FCCLA regionals. Presenting projects from four categories students compete in Interpersonal Communications, Fashion Construction, Fashion Design, and Chapter Service Display.

An Update on Girls Basketball

Story & Photo by Morgan Hill – Staff Reporter

   This year the LSN Girls Basketball team went through a lot of changes.

    From adding new players and coaches, this team has played this year through a lot of firsts.


Chiefs are Super Bowl Bound

Story by Isabelle Flood – Staff Reporter

The NFL Playoffs always come with celebration, devastation, screaming, and cheering. 14 different teams go in, but only one comes out with a Super Bowl ring and the bragging rights. Everyone has their

1.25 Million Reasons to Play

Story & Graphic by  Abbey Euritt – Co-Assistant Editor/Sports Editor

 During the Chiefs game on January 7th against the Chargers, stakes were high as Chris Jones, defensive tackleman, had to make his final sack needed to earn his 1.25 million

Winter Guard: On the March

Story & Photo by Kay Haas – Staff Reporter

   Now that Winter is in full swing, so is the Winter guard. Winter Guard is known as Color Guard for the first season. For the first half of the year, they