Culver’s: “It’s all about the people”

Column by Tiyah Gipson – Co-Editor-in-Chief  


If you always have a taste for good food and want it fast and fresh, you should go to Culver’s. If you almost always have a taste for a good burger and fries you should go to Culver’s. Lastly, if after your meals you are always craving something sweet, you should really go to Culver’s. Culver’s is not only known for its good food made fresh right after you order it, but they are also known for their custard, which is also made fresh every two hours. 

   There is always going to be a long line coming from the lobby and the drive-thru of the Culver’s located on Douglas, but now, things started looking up for the Culver’s franchise. On December 29th, 2020, a new Culver’s opened up on the street of Oldham Parkway in Lee’s Summit. There will now be two Culver’s in Lee’s Summit, Missouri. You can say people are excited about this one. It took people a while to realize there was a new one in town, but this Culver’s has had a great start since opening in December and every day it feels as though more people come in. 

   Not only is Culver’s an amazing place to eat and enjoy custard, but it is also an awesome place for employment. The staff at Culver’s are always so nice and friendly and the managers are even better. Everyone is so cool and they make you feel welcomed. You never have to worry about messing up or doing anything wrong because someone is always around to help you out. If you need a job, Culver’s is a really good place.

   According to, “Culver’s is one of the best high-investment franchises based on criteria evaluated by Forbes.”

   Since 1984, Culver’s has been thriving as one of the best fast-food chains all around the world. It is now 2021 and it seems nothing has changed. Culver’s has roughly 600 restaurants around the world and between all of them, none seem to have business that is close to slowing down. If burgers, fries and frozen custard is your thing, then you should choose Culver’s.