Freshmen’s fears for finals

Story by Kaia Monaco – Staff Reporter


This school year has been all over the place, with COVID-19 and constantly switching schedules, it seems we could not find one month of normalcy. However, as we approach the end of the year, old events have started coming back and end of the year festivities are taking place which, unfortunately, includes finals. 

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic starting in March 2020 and still raging in January 2021, finals for the past two semesters have been canceled. So, not only are these the first finals high schoolers have taken in a year, they are the first finals high school freshmen have ever taken. 

“I am feeling a little nervous about a few of my finals. Some of my teachers have been telling me that the finals are going to be challenging which is nerve-wracking,” Myah Frashier, freshman, said. 

Freshmen lost out on multiple normal activities and high school experiences this year, but one that was not very upsetting was the cancellation of finals first semester. As second semester goes back to normal though, so do finals and the inevitable stress that comes with them. 

“I am most scared for my Spanish and math final. They are my two classes that are the most challenging because they require me to recall a lot of information that I learned months ago that I have probably forgotten,” Frashier said. 

This year, finals are taking place from Monday, May 24 to Thursday, May 27. There will be one to two finals each day with the rest of the day in block schedule. The first final is Monday, May 24 and is just for hour three. Then finals for hours one and seven will take place Tuesday, hours two and six Wednesday, ending with finals for hours four and five Thursday. 

“I like that when I take the final I will get a longer amount of time to work on my final. The hour and a half time slot for other classes seems really long,” Frashier said.