Bronco football goes into postseason play

Story by Lily Temple – Assistant Editor


The Lee’s Summit North football team just ended a great season with a record of eight wins and one loss. The team should be very proud of this record. To win eight out of the nine games they played all season, is truly an accomplishment.

  The team now goes on to play in the postseason. The first game is Friday, October 29 against Ozark High School.

   The team’s head coach, Jamar Mozee, has high expectations for this team in the postseason.  

   “My expectations for the postseason is to win a state championship. I feel like we have the ability and leadership to get this done,” Mozee said.

   Something that is unique about this team is the fact that it has 27 seniors on it. This means that there is a large number of experienced players who can lead this team to victory. 

   According to Coach Mozee, this team is not only full of leaders but players who have bonded and become like a family.

   “I’m just proud of the way our team has come together, they are like family with each other,” Mozee said.

   This year’s team has a variety of talent. Along with the 27 seniors, there are many juniors, a few sophomores, and even freshmen who have helped lead the team to victories this season. It has truly been a team effort, and working together towards victory is what this team is all about. 

   It will take a lot of grit and determination to win the state championship, but if anyone can do it, it is this year’s football team.