Festive Holiday Sweater Day – this Friday!

Story by Bailee Council – Staff Reporter


   For at least the past 10 years, the LSN Student Council has come together to celebrate the holidays before winter break. This year on Friday, Dec. 17 is Festive Holiday Sweater Day. A day to show off your favorite crazy holiday sweaters before winter break. 

   “It didn’t actually feel like a holiday last year because no one was here and we weren’t together, so it’s like we are all celebrating here together,” Jessica Benus, teacher, said.

   Just another random day in high school to remember, but a day that stands out a little more than the rest. Students and teachers are coming together as a school to embrace the holiday spirit. 

   “I think it’s nice that we are getting back to having factors of excitement,” Benus said.

   Something so simple, but putting in the thought to be a part of something, even something small, is truly what the holidays are about.