Questions for a Cause

Story & Graphic by Selah Wheeler – Staff Reporter


  On Friday, April 8, the school’s National Honor Society will host a trivia night to raise money for the organization. It will be held at North starting at 6:00 p.m.

   Participants will buy their way in by forming a group to compete with. Cost is $100 per table, and groups will answer questions for the chance to win prizes, such as gift cards to popular locations.

   “Everybody can bring a table of people, up to 8 people,” says Bailey Randall, senior, about the event. “We’re just going to have a trivia night, just to have fun, and hopefully raise a lot of money for NHS.”

   This fundraiser is one of the few opportunities to give back to NHS itself. Money raised from the event will go to further the LSN chapter of National Honor Society, from paving the way for more service opportunities to providing incentives for members to want to continue serving.

   “Funds from the event will be used for all of the activities we get to do, like team-building and all the fun things that we do all together,” Randall says.

   National Honor Society is a program that serves in the community in various ways. Whether all together or in small groups, there are activities and service projects every week that students in NHS have the opportunity to participate in. The funds raised during the trivia night will go to support these activities and allow for the same opportunities next year.

   “We have tons of community outreach involving Coldwater, Harvesters, Campus and Stream Pickup our Blood Drive, and Party in the Parking Lot,” says Kevin Krumrey, Chemistry teacher at LSN and lead teacher for the trivia night.

   Due to the cost to attend and the nature of the questions, the expected audience for the event is parents of NHS students. Senior parents will be welcome to participate in a ‘last hurrah’ for their students’ organization, and junior parents will also be invited, since the funds will mostly go towards next year’s activities. Of course, students and staff are welcome to join in as well.

   “We expect a lot of parents of NHS students to attend but students, staff members, and others from the community are also welcome!” Krumrey says.

   So mark your calendars for April 8th, NHS hopes to see you there!