The Champion

Story by Mia Fuller – Staff Reporter


Madi Norris, senior, is one of the many champions from the MSHSAA State Tournament in Springfield, Missouri. 


In her final round of speeches, Norris answered the question: “Should Participating in the January 6th Insurrection Disqualify an Individual from Running for Public Office?” 


With her speech, Norris placed as state champion in United States Extemporaneous Speaking. This achievement has been a  long time coming for Norris. 


Norris has been a part of the Speech and Debate team since her freshman year, and last year she placed second in Extemporaneous Speaking. 


Norris notes that she did not get here all on her own with Ben Jewell, IB History ll and Debate, coaching her throughout the years.


 “I would never have gotten to the place I am now without his guidance,” Norris says on the matter. 


Due to her accomplishment, Norris’s name will be placed in the book that is handed out at the beginning of the year and will be there for years to come. 


Norris says, “names are all compiled in a book that is handed out at the beginning of the tournament each year. Now, my name will be in that book forever! It is an amazing feeling,” 


To wrap up her legacy, Norris will once again be going to compete in Extemporaneous Speaking in the National Tournament this fall.