New Season New Coach

Story by Areesa Steele – Social Media Editor

The newest member of the volleyball team, Coach Aubri Janes, has already had a great beginning. Coach Janes is looking forward to working with the girls this season and competing.

   “LSN has amazing teachers, staff members, and students. Getting to lead the volleyball program is a great opportunity and I look forward to what we can accomplish together,” Coach Janes said. 

   Coach Janes is an active member of our school community. She works hard throughout the day and pushes each of her students. However, even though this is her first year coaching, it is not her first year here at LSN. This is her second year teaching the student body.

   “I teach Social Development one and two along with Life Skills,” Coach Janes said. 

   Coach Janes has a long fulfilled background in the sport and is ready to show that love and talent in her coaching to the players. Even though it’s her first year coaching at LSN, she is still able to make a huge impact on the players this season.

   “I did play in college. I played at Washburn University and then the University of Central Missouri,” Coach Janes said.

   Even though Coach Janes has not been here for a long time, her effort and love for the sport has brought the girls to work even harder. Being able to coach and recognize the players for who they are is very important to her.

   “Seeing players improve and a team come together to play for one another [is my favorite part of coaching],” Coach Janes said. 

   Coaches and player support is really important and needed in any sport. The support is what makes each team lead into a fulfilling and amazing season. Each of the girls on the team are learning how to work hard for what they want and many have high hopes for the season.

   “In our conference, every game is a challenge and has to have your full attention. There are many talented teams but we need to prepare for each game with the same focus and intensity as any other game,” Coach Janes said.

   There are many goals that Coach Janes wants to accomplish this season for the team. She wants the team to be able to strive for goals and success with this season and future seasons.


Photo courtesy of Mike McGurk