Bronco Soccer Has a Rocky Start To The Season

Story & Photo by Areesa Steele – Social Media Editor


  The Bronco soccer team has begun its long and intense season. The soccer team has been very busy with games each week. Last week, they played a big game against Lee’s Summit West, unfortunately falling short 2-3. However, the soccer team has goals to improve throughout the season.

   “We are working harder at practices to get better throughout the season,” Zach Paul, junior, said.

   Each of the boys has a set goal that they want to achieve. With high hopes, they are looking to win as many games as they can. Even if they are losing, they still find ways to work hard at each game. 

   “Our team motivates us to work harder and challenge ourselves as we play,” Paul said.

   Without the coaches, the team would not be the same. The players are very thankful for the coaches and how much of an impact they have had on them. Each of the players relies on the coaches to help them get to where they want to be.

   “They help us grow as players and as people,” Paul said.

   Paul has a good feeling about this season and it is safe to say that the other players and coaches do as well.