Feed the Need is Making a Difference

Story by Kate Gerding – Staff Reporter

  NHS is on a mission to make a difference. With the Feed the Need program, they are able to help bring food to anyone who needs it. 

   Leza Palguta, Feed the Need sponsor, said, “We make sure that students who need it, can take a bag home over the weekend and we fill it with two or three meals.” 

   The food pantry welcomes any donations, but they do ask that people follow a few guidelines.

   “We like things that are easy to prepare. Pasta’s great, spaghetti sauce, peanut butter & jelly, things that aren’t breakable,” Palguta said.

   She also mentioned things in individual packages are great if anyone is curious about donating. There are several places to take donations as well. 

   “They can take them down to the office, that’s the easiest. Ms. Clement, in the office, is the one that has the keys and…she’s the main person,” Palguta said. 

   Recently, the food pantry had a pretty successful food drive.

   “Ms. Clement said that the pantry has never been this full. It is awesome, it is so awesome,” Palguta said. 

   NHS and Feed the Need are very appreciative of all the generous donations. They want to make sure everyone is getting what they need. 

   “Our goal is if any kid is hungry, and they don’t have lunch, or they didn’t have breakfast, we want them to feel comfortable,” Palguta said.

   Overall, the Feed the Need program is providing help for students who need it, and are making a difference in the community.   


Photo courtesy of Mrs. Palguta

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