The Start of the 2022 Girls Basketball Season

Story & Graphic by Areesa Steele – Social Media Editor

  Recently the girls basketball team has been on a roll. Each player has worked hard to achieve their goals. Not only has each player worked to achieve their personal goals but they also have worked to achieve their team goals.

   “I tried to get in the gym as much as possible before tryouts and knock off some of the dust from off-season,” Addy Potts, sophomore, said.

   Currently, the record of the team is 3-5 and they are working hard to accomplish what they want. The players started the season before Thanksgiving break. 

   “We are improving every game!  We have started 1-2 but we were missing a couple of players before break. We have several of players new to our program. We make huge strides as they learn what we need them to do and as they become more comfortable,” Ms. Lillygren, head coach, said.

   Head coach Lillygren has been coaching for 32 years. This year, the basketball team gained new members of the coaching staff. This makes practices fun because they are able to come together and get new perspectives.

   “Half of our coaching staff is new this year and it’s fun to get new perspectives.  I enjoy having our entire program start practices together in the same gym.  It helps us feel more like a single Lady Bronco family and I get to see every player on most days,” Coach Lillygren said.

   There are many different positions in the game of basketball that players can go for. For tryouts the coaches look at a certain set of skills that you have. Not only do the coaches look at the certain skills that you have, but they also look at your teamwork and effort you put into the game.

   “A solid set of fundamentals, passing vision, handling the ball under pressure, rebounding, defense, and the ability to score in a variety of ways. But the biggest skill set we look for involves being a good teammate, taking initiative, playing with intensity and having integrity,” Lillygren said.

   Each player has a specific position that is important to them. The more important positions in the game of basketball is the point guard and shooting guard.

   “The point guard brings the ball up the court and initiates the play and call plays with a pass usually. The shooting guard usually stands on the wing and is either going to shoot or help finish the play that the point guard started,” Potts said.