SBE and CCE Leading Students to Their Future

Story & Photo by Bailee Council – Entertainment Editor

  As students prepare for the world outside of high school opportunities are offered with the Supervised Bussiness Experience program. With three different internship programs, Business, Cooperative Career Experience, and Marketing.

   “Opportunity for students to work in a ‘real world’ environment. They are getting all the experiences of working while still getting credit and earning a paycheck,”  Joy Reed, coordinator, said.

   Within the program, students are learning how to work with others, time management, budgeting, how to obtain a job and how to resign, and safety while on the job. This program is also promoting students to advocate for themselves by teaching them how to ask for a raise, and how to request off from work in the proper way. 

   “CCE gives work experience in the same way as marketing in that it is real-world experience. The difference is the job duties that students perform. CCE jobs include mainly jobs that are not working directly with the customer. Such as child care, food prep, working with animals (doggie daycare or kennel tech), automotive repair, and construction,” Reed said.

   The SBE program furthers students’ education by allowing them to take the knowledge they have learned from their classes and apply that knowledge to a job in a field of interest to them. LSN has SBE employees working on campus at LSN, working at the Stansberry Leadership Center, or working off campus in a position that ties together business functions with a field that interests students. 

   “If a student is interested in medicine, the student could be placed in a doctor’s office working on a schedule, billing, etc.  Interested in accounting, could work with bookkeeping, payroll, purchasing, etc.  There are lots of opportunities available to an SBE student,” Christy Buckner, coordinator, said.

    The second semester of junior year is the time to start applying for the SBE Work Internship program for your senior year.  SBE student workers will start being interviewed and placed into positions after spring enrollment.