Clubs and activities during bronco time

Story & Graphic by Mia Gatt – Sports/Feature Editor

  The 2022-23 school year is the first school year Lees Summit North has had clubs and activities bronco times. A few days in each semester students have the opportunity to go to a new club or activity during bronco time. All teachers hold study halls, meetings, games, crafts and many more fun things to allow students to get involved. 

   Many students have enjoyed this time to learn about new clubs at school and get interested in different clubs offered.

   “I like that a lot of teachers do different things, some teachers have study hall times if you don’t want to do some activity or if you want to just stay in your mentoring you can,” Jocelyn Heinecke, sophomore, said. 

   Whatever a student wants to learn more about, some teacher has it that you can be a part of on clubs and activity days.

   “I went to Mr. Ballinger’s room to do coloring pages last time. Next time it depends on what I see other teachers doing, but I know Ms. Belmore had a tea time last time and I think I want to try that,” Heinecke said.  

   If something is not offered that you want to be involved in on these days, let a teacher know you are interested, and they will help you get it started. These days are for students to be able to do something they enjoy and maybe get out of their comfort zone as well!