Open Opportunities with the Ink and Quill

Story & Graphic by Bailee Council – Entertainment Editor

  Since 2015, The Ink and Quill has published a magazine showcasing students’ work. This year will be the 10th issue. The magazine includes creative writing, poems, songs, and more, all by students at LSN.

   “We started the magazine as a way for creative writing students to showcase their work. At first, it was a small publication mostly with pieces from students in my Intro to Creative Writing class and the students in Bronco Writers Circle,” Ashley Baker, coordinator, said. 

   In the past, two students have won Honorable Mention awards in the Scholastic Art and Writing competition for their work. One was even published in the magazine, and the other was a project for Advanced Creative Writing. Along with that, two had published their work on the Teen Ink website. 

   “I submitted a poem called “She’s Dead”, it represented my transition and that thought process. I wasn’t very confident in my writing before but I worked with Mrs. Baker and it kind of pushed me to complete a piece. It is just a great way to get your work out and be able to submit something and see it, it is just inspiring,” Rae Hammond, senior, said

    The Ink and Quill is a way to show your skills and express your work to the open eye. Many students have taken a leap of faith in submitting work and have been led to incredible opportunities.