LSN student Stella Kline wins art award

Story by Bailee Council – Entertainment Editor

   For seven years now Longview has held a Fine Arts Challenge. This year first place went to junior, Stella Kline.

   “I submitted a self-portrait and I wanted to incorporate how fairy tales have influenced me, and how I kind of want to be in a fairy tale,” Kline said.

   The competition consisted of entries from all three high schools. Twelve LSN students participated, and six got their work accepted. The students had to deliver their work, the pieces were judged and then a few weeks later there was an opening in which a judge speaks and awards are given -along with third, second, and Best in Show awards. The show stays up for a few weeks where students can retrieve their work.

   “Stella’s preparation mostly consisted of her class work, she is in IBVA and Portfolio, as well as a variety of other art competitions like RayPec, UCM, and Show of Excellence,” Colby Mathews, art teacher, said.

   Kline expressed how art had always been in her family and she kind of fell into it from her grandmother, but that art was a big passion of hers.

   “I didn’t really have any words when I heard I had won because all of the other pieces there were so good, I was very astonished,” Kline said.

   Since middle school, Kline says Mathews has helped her with her art journey and taught her how to express her passion for art. 


Photo courtesy of Colby Mathews