New Rules in Major League Baseball

Story & Photo by Morgan Hill – Staff Reporter

   A new era of Major League Baseball and its rules is about to begin. Here is the latest on the new regulations of MLB that players will play by this coming season and its projected impact.

   The impact of the new way baseball is played could affect multiple parts of the game, however, most people think it will mainly affect the timeliness.

   “I think the one that will impact the game the most will definitely be the pitch clock, so… there’s pitchers that definitely get in a routine, they get in kind of a rhythm, so anything that you can do to disrupt that rhythm, discept the routine is going to probably throw off that pitcher,” Josh Keeney, math teacher, said. 

   Since the clear immediate and long-term future is unknown in MLB, especially with these rules only time will tell if they harm or help the game.

   “I don’t know if I can see it helping, but I can see it hurting in a way or changing,” Keeney, said.

   The pitch clock, a new rule put in place by MLB this season, is a rule that only allows pitchers to spend 15 seconds from the time they pick up the ball to the time the ball is at home plate. This rule is intended to improve the pace of the game, however, with an uncertain future, we will only know how well it enhances the game by giving it a season in the rulebook.

   “I don’t know about the pitch clock though or maybe they could extend the pitch clock,” Odie Saxon, freshman, said.

   As these new rules will affect players day to day lives more the real question is will the fans and lovers of the game accept these rules and embrace sales within baseball that have been on a decline for a while.

   “…it’s annoying to just watch a pitcher just stay there and hold the ball forever instead of just throwing it…,” Saxon, concluded.

   The majority of these new rules are supposed to promote faster baseball games making a more enjoyable baseball experience for all participants. However, the league does not know for sure if this will actually work.

   “I think it’ll go quicker. Baseball games are long so, even for someone like me that loves baseball I can say that 3 and a half hours is a long time for a baseball game, so I think it’ll help,” Keeney said.