Baseball Season Coming to an End

Story by Abbey Euritt – Staff Reporter

  The Lee’s Summit North JV baseball team is nearing the end of their season with a 6-4 record (as of April 21). The athletes have progressed their season, and continued to work hard to reach their goals. Max Hill, junior, has set goals for himself to finish off the season, and continue to enjoy his third year of LSN baseball. 

   “I want to keep progressing and having fun with the season,” Hill said. 

   At five years old, Hill started playing baseball, and his passion for baseball has increased in being able to play with his friends this season. 

   “My favorite part of baseball is getting to have fun with my friends, and not have to worry about anything,” Hill said. 

   This season has advanced positively, and having friends on the team has helped the team’s chemistry evolve. 

   “I like being able to play with my friends, because most of my friends are on the team. We all get along pretty well, and have good team chemistry,” Hill said. 

   Each player’s motivations have helped them work hard, and reach their goals this season. 

   “The people that motivate me in baseball are my brothers, because they push me to get better, and continue to teach me,” Hill said. 

   As the team is reaching the end of the baseball season, the players are making the most of their last few games, and getting to play together. 

Photo by Caylee Scott – Yearbook Staff