New beginnings coming with FCCLA

Story & Photo by Bailee Council – Co-Assistant Editor/Social Media Editor

FCCLA has started out the year on a sweet note. With two fundraisers down and many to come, the club began with smores-inspired cereal bars and brought back the popular cake pops from last year. They plan to continue with new cake pop flavors throughout the year and surprise students through the holiday seasons.

   “So far the cake pops are still really popular so we are planning on making more and just doing different themes. We want to do a fall-themed, so pumpkin flavor, and then we usually do some Christmas-themed as well,” Bailee Sanderson, senior, said.

  There are a lot of different parts that go into FCCLA. The club has people come in and speak, they have fundraisers and participate in community service.

   “Right now we are looking at Harvesters where we would be sorting food and more things in that area,” Sanderson said.

   FCCLA has been working hard to fix community problems within Lee’s Summit North as well. Starting with collecting period products like pads and tampons for the Crimson Cart. The club plans to put baskets in the LSN bathrooms since the school does not have anything openly available to female students. 

   “We wanted to raise enough money to start to provide a month of period products before the drive is done,” Jessica Benus, club advisor, said

   In FCCLA you can expect to learn how to be a leader and connect the skills from FACS classes to competitions and careers. You can expect to be working on teamwork and adapting essential life skills for the future. 

   “FCCLA is student-led, so my goals are always to help students succeed in whatever they want FCCLA to do,” Benus said.

   As the club grows and new members join, there is hope for more students to participate in events like helping them make it to state nationals. Part of the money raised from fundraisers contributes to the competition along with conference fees, social events, and the Crimson Cart. All fundraisers will benefit both community service and the ability for the club to go on trips.

   “Our goal was to raise $400, currently with both fundraisers we have raised $350. Everything we have spent on the fundraisers, we have already made back,” Kaylee Sapp, junior, said.

   With the support from LSN students, FCCLA should be able to effortlessly achieve their goals that bring a brighter future.