Spotlight on Ms. Laster

Story & Photo by Kate Gerding – Feature Editor/News Editor


The 2023-2024 school year welcomed many new faces to the teaching staff at Lee’s Summit North, one being Brielle Laster, English teacher. Not only is this her first year at North, but it is also her first year teaching. Originally from St. Louis, Laster attended Maryville University to play lacrosse but then transferred to Missouri State to get her teaching degree. When asked about her decision to become a teacher, she said there were many different things that had to be considered. 

   “When choosing your career path you’re choosing where you want your energy to be going,” Laster said.

   Although it is only a month or two into the school year, Laster has adjusted well to her new routine and really enjoys the community at LSN.

   “I love it! I love the students, the staff, I love being a part of student council and getting to have school spirit,” Laster said.

   It is uncommon for a first-year teacher to be the head student council sponsor, but Ms. Laster was not afraid to give it a shot.

   “ I know that for a lot of new teachers, it can be kind of intimidating or you can feel kind of hesitant to really jump into involvement with school activities, [but] it has really forced me to get involved and step out of my comfort zone,” Laster said.

Most recently, STUCO was in charge of planning and decorating for Homecoming.

   “It was a lot of work but I think everyone had a great time,” Laster said. 

   Like any career, teaching inevitably comes with its own set of challenges. Laster said that it has been difficult to split her time and effort between all of her different classes and her home life. 

   “The hardest part about being a teacher is probably caring so much about 150 different people and trying not to bring work home with you,” Laster said.

   When she is not at school, Laster likes to stay active and spend time outside.

   “My boyfriend and I like to play pickleball and if the pickleball courts are full we’ll play tennis, just playing sports in a very casual way,” Laster said.

   The year is just getting started, but Laster is looking forward to all of the opportunities LSN will bring her.