A Softball Season Recap

Story by Abbey Euritt – Co-Assistant Editor/Sports Editor


As fall sports come to end, girls softball is finishing their last few games of the season. There have been many changes to the team this fall, including new additions to the coaching staff, and players adjusting to the season. The team has not met their goals in their record this season, but they have grown as a team from each game. 

   “The season has been fun, but we aren’t doing as well as we have in the past,” Gracee Fryberger, junior, said.

   Along with the team, Fryberger has valued the memories she made this season with her teammates. 

   “My favorite part has been traveling to out of town tournaments with the team, and just hanging out with the girls,” Fryberger said. 

   The softball team has faced many changes, such as a new head coach, Josh Keeney, and a new assistant/pitching coach, Michaela Tolliver-Brimhall. With the new coaching staff, the atmosphere is different and the girls have adapted to the new ways. 

   “The new coaches are Coach Keeney and Coach Brimhall. Coach Brim is our pitching coach, so she calls pitches and works with the pitches. She has made such a good impact with the pitching and then Mr. Keeney is just an all-around great coach too,” Fryberger said.

   Fryberger and the team have used the coaching changes to develop goals for the future. The team, as it continues to develop, is keeping their eyes set on future goals. 

   “I want to make it past the first round of districts, and beat [Lee’s Summit] West and Lee’s Summit [High School],” Fryberger said.

   For Fryberger personally, she started the season with batting goals, and has continued to push forward to meet them.

   “I started the season wanting to bat above 400 the whole season. I was hitting 400 for a while, and then I dropped but I got it back up. I also just wanted to have fun and win some games,” Fryberger said. 

   Though the girls softball season didn’t go completely as planned, they are ending the season with a stronger bond and memories.


Photo by Kay Haas