New Goals with Boys’ Tennis

Story by Isabelle Flood – Staff Reporter

    With spring sports in full swing, the Boys’ Tennis team is already working hard in their season. After falling short last year, they have their hopes set on winning state for the first time in Lee’s Summit North history.

   “I think we will do you will do some big things. We should have a really decent squad this year. And I think we can go far,” Aaron Layendecker, assistant coach, said. 

   Hoping to achieve those goals of getting to, and hopefully winning state, they also want to give their seniors a good send-off. Especially those who have helped build the program and set records. 

   “One of my top accomplishments would be during my sophomore year… my singles match would go down as one of the longest matches in Broncos history. My opponent and I would go back and forth for a long time eventually going into a tie break. After a long-fought tiebreak, I won 9-8, With a tiebreak score of 14-12,” Emery Kirchhoff, senior, said.

   Not only are the seniors setting the legacy but they also aid in leading the underclassmen. They build trusting relationships with the younger players and help them with whatever they need.

   “I would say that I’m a leader to some of the underclassmen. I’m always welcome to give them tips to get better. I’ve also tried to create a tradition of including everyone no matter the skill level. Whether it’s your first time or you’re in your 3rd season I’ll be there to cheer you on,” Kirchhoff said. 

   The atmosphere that is created for a sports team is a very important part of the success they can produce on the court. A happy, fun, and positive environment leaves room for only positive outcomes. 

   “The bond between the team this year is the best it has ever been in the 4 years on the team. Everyone wants everyone to win. The support from fellow teammates this year during a match is very high,” Kirchhoff said. 

   The support a person feels from their teammates can create lifetime bonds and friendships. School sports are a great way to find those friendships, especially a no-cut sport, like tennis.

   “This is one of the best ways to connect with people your age, to connect to the school community, and feel like you’re part of something,” Layendecker said. 

   Being connected to your school in some kind of way is always beneficial for students. But sports require work outside of the season and outside of practices. Many determined athletes make it a priority to train by themselves.

   “It is usually a couple of hours every day just getting some practice in and we do some fitness workouts at the end of it,” Maxon Chen, sophomore, said. 

   The 2024 team is very determined to go far and achieve the goals they have set for themselves. Everyone at LSN is looking forward to seeing what these boys can accomplish. 


Photo by Morgan Hill