Teachers and students respond to the constant change in learning model

Story by Lily Temple- Staff Reporter


 Since the beginning of the school year, North has had a few changes in the learning model. Recently, the school has decided to change from a hybrid model, back to a virtual model. For the most part, students and teachers are not excited about this change.

   Teachers and students both think that learning virtually is difficult and definitely different than what they are used to.

   “The hardest part about learning virtually is feeling like the workload is heavy because we do “class work” and “homework” at the same time and place,” Eleanor Cok, junior, said.

   Having to do the lessons and the homework by themselves is making many students feel overwhelmed and overworked.

   Teachers are also struggling with virtual learning. Teachers are used to adapting but teaching virtually is new for everyone. One of the biggest struggles is not being able to interact in the classroom.

  “The hardest part is not forming the connection you would typically build with them having them in class each day,” Ty Kohl, social studies teacher, said.

   Students and teachers alike are struggling to make connections with each other. It is difficult to build a relationship with a teacher when you only see them on a screen twice a week.

   Although no one enjoys learning or teaching virtually, everyone understands the severity of the current situation.

   “It’s not ideal for anyone, but right now it’s best for everyone’s health and safety,” Kohl said.

   In order to keep staff and students safe, everyone must stay at home. Having to end the semester online is just one more surprise 2020 had to offer.