Covid-19 virus brings challenges to boy’s basketball season

Story by Morgan Hubert- Staff Reporter


High school basketball is adapting to everything going on in the world right now. With the ever-changing status of Covid-19, players and coaches have to be flexible.    

   At the beginning of the boy’s basketball season, there were more than a few people worried about what the season had to bring. A lot were in doubt about even getting to play the season, including Coach Mike Hilbert.

   “We check player temperatures and ask about symptoms prior to each practice.  We have cleaning solutions for basketballs and hand sanitizer,” Hilbert said.

   There have been things that are affecting the players on the court as well and might make it be hard to play to the best of their ability.

   “We will be required to wear masks on the court during practice. I do not think that will go very well. Hard to play basketball with a mask over your mouth and nose,” Hilbert said. 

   Coaches and players are trying their best to keep everyone safe including themselves and many others. Many precautions are being taken to make sure of this including quarantining the whole basketball team after players had been exposed to Covid-19.

   “It is like starting practice all over again. We pushed back the first two weeks of our game schedule to allow us to practice again before our first game,” Hilbert said.

   The coaches wanted to give the players another chance to practice and be prepared before their first game. 

   Nobody knows what will continue to happen but we have to be prepared for every single outcome.



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