How COVID has impacted sports this fall and winter

Story by Abby Langle- Assistant Junior Editor


 COVID has impacted students in their daily lives. Luckily for fall sports, everyone had their sports season with only a few quarantines. 

   Having spectators at sporting events was much different this year than years in the past.

   Usually at sporting events whether it is a football game or cross country meet there are many people who attend to watch.

   “Most sports permitted two people per player, but football was limited to one ticket for four of the five home games. The fifth game they were allowed two. It varied by event and level due to the number of participants. Football was the most restrictive due to the number of players on each team,” Mike McGurk, athletics director, said.

   The football team is a big team and their varsity went their entire nine-game season but was not able to play their first playoff game due to someone contracting Covid-19. The team followed many safety protocols throughout the season. 

   “Since the beginning of the summer we were wearing masks, and we were practicing social distancing.  This continued throughout the season.  We never used the locker room, players were not ever checked out a personal locker.  We tried to keep players from gathering.  We checked their temperature every day when they first arrived at practice,” Jamar Mozee, head varsity football coach, said.

  For fall, sports had certain protocols they had to follow when participating. Winter sports are going to have the same protocols and rules they have to follow.

    “Student-athletes and coaches are to wear face coverings when not directly participating. We practice social distancing when possible, coaches had disinfectant to wipe down equipment, plenty of hand sanitizer, and student-athletes had to provide their own water,” McGurk said.

     Fall sports had very few teams having to quarantine but for the winter sports, they already have some quarantines. 

    “Boys basketball varsity, JV, 10 and both C teams have had to quarantine as well as the varsity and JV girls basketball teams,” McGurk said.

  Winter sports are still going to continue with their normal season. It will definitely be a different experience than with fall sports as Covid-19 spreads but everyone involved in an activity right now at North is being safe and following protocols.