SAAC is still supporting the community in an online setting

Story by Mia Gatti – Staff Reporter


With school going back to all virtual learning again, the challenge of getting clubs and service groups together to keep doing normal tasks has not been easy. With all classes on calls and no in-person meetings, the SAAC group has managed to keep helping the community all online. SAAC has not been able to do monthly service projects due to the circumstances, but they have finally come up with a great plan to do a little extra.

They are doing an online version of their gift exchange for Coldwater, just like in the past years. These gift exchange presents throughout SAAC are given to Mr. McGurk and he will take them to Coldwater for the kids.

“We had planned a couple projects before we moved back to virtual learning, which forced us to adjust. But we will follow through on them, but at a later time. We are still managing to do our Gift exchange project virtually, which benefits Coldwater. We are constantly looking at ways to give back while keeping everyone safe,” Mike McGurk, SAAC Sponsor, said.

With the Coldwater project being a priority, SAAC has been able to keep great communication across the entire group keeping everyone in line and knowing what needs to be done. Also, knowing when meeting times are so everyone can throw in their ideas and be a part of the process. This is helping to keep the group together during this online state.

Good communication/our monthly meetings saved our group this year. Although our meetings are different than years past, this is really the only way we have been able to be as productive as possible,” Lily Madden, SAAC Member, senior, said. 

The SAAC group has put a lot of effort in to keep this year more normal than it is, and trying not to let up when it comes to service projects. SAAC has done a great job at trying to keep a normal schedule, and still work on community service projects, but it has been just a little different.