Tips and tricks to surviving online school

Story by Katie Langle – Junior Editor


 As Lee’s Summit North shifts back to virtual schooling, students may be finding it hard to adjust. Finding the motivation to complete work efficiently may be tough right now. Here are some tips and tricks that can help you get through these next few weeks. 

   It is essential for students to create a routine and stick to it. This will ensure that assignments get turned in and google meets do not get skipped. Managing school, work and extracurriculars are hard already so keeping a routine will help make sure work is turned in on time. 

   “To stay on top of my classes, I finish work as soon as I get it, and try to work ahead on all my work. With six IB classes, there is a lot of work being put out and I also prioritize my classes each day. To manage between school and extracurriculars, I complete my school in the morning and at night, leaving time for clubs and time with friends each day,” Sarah Green, junior, said. 

   A very important tip is to not let work pile up until the night it is due. This will cause extra stress that could be avoided. Track assignments and create a plan on how and when these assignments can be completed. 

   Teachers are also experiencing a new style of teaching that they have to adapt to. They are responsible for keeping students involved and engaged in class. 

   “This year has definitely been challenging as far as keeping students engaged. I think in addition to what we would do in a normal year, which is to design lessons that are interesting as well as good learning experiences is to make sure you have required live Google Meets at least twice a week and reach out to students who are not participating and falling behind,” Ashley Baker, English teacher, said. 

   Online learning is difficult at times but taking the time to figure out what strategies work best for you can make it go a lot smoother.


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