Two Covid-19 vaccines now available for the public

Story by Tiyah Gipson – Co-Editor-in-Chief


   There are now two approved vaccines in the United States for Covid-19. As with any vaccination, people should check with their physician and educate themselves on the vaccine.

   Since Covid-19 started, a few vaccines have been in the works, and the Center for Disease Control (CDC) wants people to know this information for when the vaccines are actually administered. 

   Last week, the first doses of the vaccine were administered all over the globe. Many health care professionals urge people to continue current safety practices as well.  

   “I think masks and social distancing are working well. I think the issue is that not everyone is following the safety guidelines,” Morgan McGurk, senior, said.

   While not everyone plans to get the vaccine,  health care workers are among the first to receive the vaccine.  Some are even volunteering to publicly take the vaccine, to make people feel safe. 

   Understanding the side effects is important, especially if you have current medical issues or have a history in your family of health concerns. 

   “I’m not sure how quickly I will get the vaccine, or if I will get the vaccine. The reason behind that is because we have significant heart issues in our family and we have been cautioned on taking any medications unless they have been on the market for many, many years,” Carla Borland, health clerk, said.

  Hospitals and medical facilities are going to continue to vaccinate as doses continue to come in.  Contact your local doctor, pharmacy or hospital if you have questions about the vaccine. 


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