Hybrid or virtual? A student’s opinion


Editorial by Kaia Monaco – Staff Reporter


I think we can all say this school year has been anything but normal. Switching from virtual to hybrid back to virtual has taken a toll on everyone, especially since the learning style is so different. However, I think both hybrid and virtual schedules have their pros and cons.

The hybrid schedule is nice because students and teachers can interact with each other in-person at least two days every week. On the other hand, I was a Thursday/Friday student, so I got used to being home all week, and then suddenly, I had to wake up at 6 a.m. again and go to school. 

Being full virtual is great because I can do school from my bed and I am never “in class” for more than two hours a day. Plus, I have a lot less homework than I did during hybrid. Unfortunately, with virtual, it is incredibly difficult to interact with teachers and other students. Plus, it can be very challenging to find the motivation to do schoolwork. 

I prefer virtual school over hybrid because I feel the constant switching between online and in-person days during hybrid was taking a toll on my mental health. I favor being full virtual or full in-person because, for me, the hybrid schedule was just not working.