NHS service opportunities online and in person

Story by Prajukta Ghosh – Copy Editor


The virtual model of learning is back on schedule and things are steadily progressing.
However, finding a sense of normalcy has been challenging for both students and staff.

National Honors Society introduced a new way of tackling service opportunity hours this year
amidst the pandemic. The club has been really instrumental in sending out “Thank you” and
“Get well soon” holiday cards for doctors and patients respectively. Together the sponsors and
students have decided to conduct this activity both virtually and in person, keeping in mind
all the protocols implemented by the government.

Students signed up online to be a part of this project that would eventually count for their
service hours. Students had the option to choose between an online version of it or in person,
where they had to social distance.

The one that took place in the school building was set up in the Library Media Center, where
everyone had enough space to spread out and work on their own. All the materials required for
this task were provided from school and participants were free to bring stuff from home as well if
they wanted to. Everyone seemed to enjoy the moment of time and be back again in the
building with friends and acquaintances.

“My time making cards was great because I was able to see some classmates in person and
be in the building again,” Jackson Kemper, senior, said.

Part of this big activity also took place online with students working at their own speed from
home. They had a great time serving patients and doctors by investing some time in creating
innovative greeting cards for them that are sure to bring a smile to their face.

“It was really nice to make cards in my own home because I have a lot of materials and could spread everything out,” Annica Valmassei, senior, said.

People were able to use this time to visit and connect and talk to their friends as well, even if
that required them to see one another through the glow of the computer screens.


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