New year, new President: Along with the exciting new year, the US will welcome a new president

Story by Morgan Hubert – Staff Reporter


Many know about the upcoming inauguration of the new president. This year will look a lot different while the President is sworn into office. It will not look even close to the same as the previous years.

   “The primary way that it will differ will be in the optics on the street–the police/military presence will likely be palpable. Given the fact that the outgoing President will not attend, and refuses to admit that he lost, protesters will be present, and they may exercise more than just their first amendment right to assemble,” Ben Jewell, Social Studies teacher, said.

   In light of recent events at the Capitol, military and police presence has been increased. Preparations have been made to ensure a safe inauguration. Crowds will be limited. 

   “We are in the middle of a pandemic so a ton of people will not be able to attend and cause there will not be a peaceful transfer of power like there has been,” Malorie Hubert, junior, said.

  It is not only this year that has looked different from previous inaugurations. It has changed from the very beginning.

   Hopefully, assumptions are wrong about what will happen on inauguration day and there will have a peaceful transition from the outgoing president to the incoming one. 

   “It’s a time for celebration, but it’s not supposed to be about celebrating the person who is taking the oath of office, but rather a time for celebrating the peaceful transfer of power from one office holder to the next,” Jewell said. 

   Jan. 20th is the day to transfer power from one person to another. This inauguration ceremony may be one that stands out from all of the rest.