How to cure the winter blues

Story by Abby Langle- Assistant Junior Editor


As wintertime rolls around many people get what is known as the winter blues. There are some easy ways to ease these blues. You could go exercise, start new routines or organize. 

   It can be hard to motivate yourself to get up and do things when it is cold and sometimes even snowy outside. 

   “I try to make as many plans as I can so I have things to look forward to.  I used to play trivia with some friends every week; now we get on Zoom at the same time every week to catch up and play online games together.  I’m planning a couple of trips right now, even though I’m not sure when I’ll be able to take them.  I ask friends to go for walks outside since it’s good for us and it’s the safest way to see each other in-person right now.  I plan what restaurant takeout I’ll order in advance so I can look forward to it.  I think about what future me will be glad I did now while I have more time on my hands once COVID and/or winter are over and I get busier,” Paige Murray, guidance counselor, said.

   For some people to help cure their winter blues they will start a new hobby. 

   “One new hobby I’ve picked up over winter is cycling class. It’s been really fun to do with my friend and it’s been a great way to stay in shape and push myself,” Taralynn Bailey, senior, said.

   The winter blues can hit teenagers especially hard, but there are some ways that you can help cure them and make winter a little bit better.

   “I would suggest that anyone who is struggling with their mood first make sure they are taking care of their basic physical needs: exercising some every day (like going for a walk, doing workouts from YouTube, bodyweight exercises), eating (paying attention to things like added sugar, fiber, and protein), drinking lots of water, and sleeping a healthy amount (not too much or too little).  Making changes in these areas often helps more than you think it will.  In the winter particularly, people tend to get less vitamin D, so try to get outside as often as you can – good coats, hats, and boots really help.  Ask your friends if they want to meet you for a walk to talk and hang out instead of texting or sitting around inside. If you’re feeling sad or hopeless for multiple weeks, talk to your parents about talking to your doctor to see if anything else is going on.  If you’re thinking about dying, definitely talk to your parents and visit your doctor or a psychiatric emergency clinic or call a number like the Suicide Prevention Lifeline right away,” Murray, said.

   The winter blues can be hard on everyone, but if you surround yourself with good people, try new things, sticking to a schedule and make sure you are going outside every day then you might be able to cure your winter blues.