Sophomore earns prestigious scholarship

Story by Katie Langle – Junior Editor


   Blake Horner-Ogle has been working toward becoming a candidate for the United States Air Force Academy since the sixth grade. He joined JROTC his freshman year and has stood out since. His hard work has paid off as he is one of 230 cadets worldwide picked to receive a scholarship to the Flight Academy. 

   “I won a scholarship to the Flight Academy, which is a group of colleges being paid by the Air Force to teach students to fly. The scholarship gives me an opportunity to earn my private pilot license over the summer,” Blake Horner-Ogle, sophomore, said. 

   With 1,340 other applicants, Blake had to stand out from the rest. He worked to have a well-rounded resume. He has a commitment to not only his physical fitness but also his academics and community service. 

   “I have had many conversations outside of school hours with Blake. He is absolutely dedicated to the personal goals he’s set. His work ethic is beyond reproach! He participates in several co-curricular activities in the Corps, and has already begun preparing to apply for leadership positions in next year’s Corps,” Jim Woods, Aerospace Science Instructor, said.

   With this scholarship, Blake will earn his private pilot’s license, this is a major step in the right direction as he eventually applies to join the highly competitive Air Force Academy.