Challenges of transferring to a new school

Story by Robert Hurst – Staff Reporter


Transferring to a different high school is a difficult experience for anyone. When a student is moving to a new school, they are leaving many cherishable people and places behind. They have to say goodbye to their school, their friends, and their favorite places. Joining a new school and environment creates a lot of pain for the student. The anxiety of starting a new school and seeing new faces while also being a teenager, which is already difficult enough, can be frightening. 

Finding new friends is by far the most difficult task. Regular students at the school have probably already found their group of friends which they are comfortable with. Talking to another student who has never seen your face before is tough, trying to joke around or talk about something takes time and effort, the other student already has other friends with their own inside jokes and experiences they have shared. It could be a lonely few months at the start. Patience is key and soon enough everything will return to normal. 

Ms. Durnell, the broadcasting teacher, moved three times during her high school career.

“It was a major cultural shift, I moved from small to big schools. Every time it brought a new experience with its struggles, but with patience, I found friends and made lifelong connections,” Durnell said. 

It took Ms. Durnell time to settle. “ It usually took two to three months until I could routinely talk to other students and have good laughs,” she said. 

 These experiences have a positive side as well. You learn to adapt to new environments and create connections faster. Having connections in many different places may be important in the future. A person who lived in the same city or town may feel comfortable and at ease, but they might find it more challenging to make new friends from different places simply because they had the same connections their whole lives. Transferring is difficult and is terrifying, but in due time it has its perks. A lesson to teach to veteran students is please be nice and talk to the new kid.


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