LSN Production of Story Theater

Story by Maria Smith – Co-Editor-in-Chief


This has been a tricky year for most programs at LSN, but the theater department is persevering. Story Theater is their second full-scale performance this year. 

   “Story Theatre is a series of 10 Grimms Brothers’ fairy tales and Aesop’s fable. Each story is different through different gags and music. In fact, every time you see the show, it is a little different than the last time you’ve seen it,” William Palmer, theater teacher, said. 

   A lot of time and hard work went into this production. Something aimed to bring joy even amidst a pandemic. The show is rather unbothered amongst covid restrictions. The actors and audience will all wear masks, and tickets need to be bought online prior to the show in order to maintain social distancing in the theater. 

   Story Theater is light and funny and with a revolving door of stories, it is never boring. 

   “It’s funny and you might know some of the stories from growing up like Henny Penny,” Julia Welsh, senior, said. 





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