Senior checkout day scheduled for May 19

Story by Robert Hurst – Senior Reporter

Graduation and summer break is right around the corner with just a couple of school days left. For seniors, they can count their remaining school days on one hand. Before seniors graduate and leave high school forever, they need to checkout of the school. Senior checkout day is May 19. It is extremely important to the school and its students that this checkout day is not wasted. Barry Crilley, LSN Assistant Principal, assisted in the planning of the checkout. Crilley states that the students and the school exchange items and inform students of any problems, all to ensure every student is ready to get their diploma.

 “This is the exciting day that students receive their cap and gowns. Once students have settled all obligations to the district by returning checked out materials, they have the opportunity to purchase tickets for the post-graduation party (Project Grad), they also verify the pronunciation of their names for the graduation ceremony,” said Crilley. 

Unfortunately, obstacles appear every year to some students who are missing or cannot complete a requirement. Thankfully Crilley and the school have alternative processes to complete a student’s process. 

“Multiple problems can occur on senior checkout day. The most common error is that a student forgets to return an item or pay a fine. This is fairly infrequent since we communicate weeks in advance regarding student obligations. In those cases we work with students to correct the issue before the graduation ceremony,” said Crilley. 

Senior checkout day is from 10am to 3pm, with four waves of groups, separated by mentoring teachers. With how significant the checkout is, it is helpful the staff communicates with and informs students of their possible unpaid fines. Seniors will report to the Field House at their scheduled time on May 19. 



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