2021 Senior Sunrise

Story by Lily Temple – Staff Reporter


 Over the years, Lee’s Summit North has held a tradition of an annual senior breakfast. The tradition is for the seniors to get together in the parking lot on their last day. They eat, listen to music, chat and just hang out. It is also part of the tradition to park crazy on the day of the senior breakfast. 

   This year the breakfast will be taking place on Tuesday, May 18 from 6:15am-7:30am in the school parking lot. There will be donuts for sale for $1 but people are also welcome to bring their own food. Some people are also going to bring grills to make pancakes, eggs, bacon and more.

   It is a senior-organized event that is merely supervised by administrators to make sure everyone is enjoying the breakfast safely. The senior sunrise tradition started when the school opened. Mr. Collins, who graduated from Lee’s Summit North, has fond memories of this tradition.

   “For as long as I can remember seniors always have had a breakfast in the East parking lot on their last day of school.  Some years the seniors would bring grills/smokers and cook on the morning of the breakfast and some years they catered in food.  As far as I can remember the senior breakfast has always been laid back and seniors come to just eat and hang out before school one more time,” Tim Collins, assistant principal, said.

   The senior sunrise is a great opportunity for seniors to catch up with each other and to see all of their classmates at school one last time. This year with all of the traditions seniors have missed out on, it is a relief that they get to participate in the senior sunrise.

   This year has been very different from years past. For the first part of the year we were online, then moved to hybrid, and finally to in-person 4 days a week. Some students however are still doing online learning which means people don’t get to see all of their peers.

   “I’m mostly looking forward to seeing all of my senior peers in one place. It’s been hard to catch up with others considering the crazy year we’ve had and I think this is a good opportunity to catch up!” Chloe Burean said.

   The senior sunrise is a fun tradition that the seniors are grateful to actually be able to participate in this year.