Graduation 2021- let’s go guys!

Story by Prajukta Ghosh – Copy Editor


Lee’s Summit North 2021 graduation is scheduled to take place on the 22 of this month at Children’s Mercy Park. After an unpredicted year of flip-flops between online classes to hybrid, hybrid to online, and then again being back full-time in person, the class of 2021 will finally be able to wave goodbye to their last year of high school with some amounts of normalcy. After the enormous time period of students sulking for not experiencing the traditional senior year, students will now get to attend normal graduation with social distancing and masks being optional. 

   “I am really happy that we get to have normal graduation. It will be the one thing this year that is completely normal, it will be a beautiful moment for the class of 2021 because we get to close this chapter of our lives together,” Chawnta’le Bushnell, senior, said. 

   After the huge curveball of uncertainties, the class of 2021 has earned their opportunity to celebrate their last day of graduation with bliss. This is the time of year where seniors are wrapping up their last few days in class and checking out all the items retrieved from school. 

   “Overall, this year has been a bit difficult on my mental & physical health, but with the help of school counselors and friends, I was able to push through. I definitely learned time management and self-care techniques throughout this year,” Bushnell said.

   There is no doubt the year has been rough on everyone’s end, causing unnecessary troubles and bringing unanticipated changes in daily routine, however, this is a time when we can again get under one shadow to stand by one another and let go of all the unhappy times with a smile on your faces. 


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