COVID takes an impact on incoming freshmen

Story and Photo by Bailee Council – Staff Reporter

   For the past two years, COVID has had a strong impact on all students from masks to social distancing to online schooling. This year, the incoming freshmen know nothing except for a COVID prevention style LSN. This has affected the preparation of freshmen in many different ways — some feel prepared while some are having a little trouble adjusting.

   “Not really, it was kind of daunting because there was so much more school to walk around,” Abbie Scheer, freshman, said. 

   Scheer wasn’t sure if COVID was necessarily a setback when it came to starting school.

   “In some ways it was different because wearing masks and it was kind of hard learning peoples faces,” Scheer, said. 

   Along with the preparation of going into high school, the curriculum had some setbacks.

   “I didn’t learn as much as I should have last year so my grades aren’t as good as they used to be,” Abigail Jenkins, freshman, said. 

   All these students, including sophomores, have come to know nothing except a COVID prevention style LSN. They have yet to experience the things juniors and seniors miss like bronco time, visiting friends in the LMC and common area in the morning and overall the amount of freedom given as students. 

   “I think it will be a lot better, I forgot about bronco time, I am really excited for that. I really hope I get to do that maybe even this year,” Scheer said.

   Though the school work isn’t necessarily the highlight of the year for these students, some are still pursuing interests and passions with sports. Some of these students include Garrett Studer, a freshman, who plays freshman football on A and B teams. 

   “Because of COVID I had to play, because in football you still worked, and still going through COVID it was kind of my only connection to the school. So it was a good way for me to make friends even though we weren’t here,” Studer said.

   Finding that social interaction in any way, shape or form has become a priority in the eyes of many. Joining clubs, sports and any after-school activity just to see friends. Scheer hopes to play soccer in the spring. 

   “It’s an easy no-cut way to see my friends because I don’t have a lot of classes with them,” Scheer said.

   Along with all the restrictions, students still find these loopholes and are still able to have fun, as well as being safe, while COVID made an impact.



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