KC Chiefs go from 14-2 to 2-3

Story by Mia Gatti – Entertainment/Feature Editor


   The Kansas City Chiefs just came off of a Super Bowl loss from the 2020-2021 football season. This was right after taking the trophy in the previous season. They started off strong winning their first game of the new season in search of that Lombardi trophy again but hit a two-game losing slump in weeks two and three. Having a 2-3 record early in the season is not bad, but this record is also unlike the Chiefs.

   Lots of Chiefs fans do many things to prepare for the big games on Chiefs Sunday. Between the sea of red and crazy tailgates before the game, Kansas City knows how to cheer their team on. 

   The Chiefs have won two Super Bowl trophies overall and they are ready for their third. A lot of fans have faith in Patrick Mahomes to turn this season around with 16 games left to play.

   “I think they had a rough start, but I think some of the other teams are figuring it out a little bit and making adjustments, but Patrick Mahomes, if you have Patrick Mahomes you are going to be alright. There are 16 games left so we have a long way to go, I think we will be alright,” Chris Gerding, Biology teacher, said. 

   KC fans have a lot of football season left to see and they are all ready for the Chiefs Kingdom to play Washington next week.


Graphic by Kaia Monaco