Catching up with crew of ‘Cinderella’

Story by Emma Brents and Mia Fuller – Staff Reporters


 In this production of Cinderella, not only does the cast play an important role, but the crew does as well. There are many people and jobs backstage that are helping Cinderella get ready for show week. 

   One of these jobs is helping with stagecraft and senior, Sarah Natasio, gives the details of what that entails.

“It was very hands-on and I like hands on things, painting things, and all that stuff. It’s interesting,” Natasio said.

   Some of the things stagecraft requires is handiwork, like taking apart staircases, which Natasio is currently doing. However, it is not all solitary tasks, as the whole group helps paint set pieces for the show.  

   Another working part of the show is props crew, which Jordan Cooley, junior, is chief of.      

“It can be very  challenging with a bunch of different ideas or sometimes no ideas, and especially making sure the props stay in good condition,” Cooley said.

   “I’m so excited, I love show week, it can be very stressful and some of us may cry, but I’m really excited for it,” she says.

   Another first time chief is Rae Hammond, junior, who is in charge of costumes. Hammond has been doing costuming for years. 

   “My first production was Villainous at Bernard Campbell Middle School and I did costumes. I’ve been doing theater ever since,” Hammond said.  

   One thing that is significantly different this year is that costumes are being rented instead of being designed by the students. There is one piece being made this year that everyone is excited to see and that is Cinderella’s dress. 

  “Cinderella’s dress, that alone is getting me excited because it’s very elaborate,” Hammond said. 

   Perhaps one of the biggest roles in backstage crew is Connor Noland, stage manager, who is in their senior year. 

   Due to the fact that Cinderella is a Rodgers and Hammerstein production, there are some exciting factors to this play. 

   “It’s a Rodgers and Hammerstein production, so very new, lots of new music in it, and very modern.  But still funny, like one thing I’m excited for is the step-sisters cause like they’re kinda show stealers a little bit,” Noland said.

   Noland has been doing theater since they were young, but their first production was   Shakespeare on the Green and they have been doing theater ever since.  

   A fact that is hard for them to manage is dealing with people who are new to theater and they do not always understand Noland’s job. 

   “Lots of times people also don’t understand or recognize that I am stage manager.  I’m backstage usually so if I come to them and tell them to do something, they’re just like, ‘who’s this person telling me what to do?’ Without realizing I’m in charge of them and getting orders directly from Palmer [Theater teacher],” Noland says.

   In short, no job is too small or unimportant in the world of theater, and every single person backstage helps the show succeed and be an enjoyable experience for everyone. Go grab tickets for Cinderella now so you can see all these wonderful people at work! Show Dates are Nov. 5th, 6th, 7th, 11th and 12th. 


Photo by Mia Fuller

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