Worlds of Fun: Halloween Haunt

Story and Photo by Giorgia Risoldi – Staff Reporter


   Halloween Haunt is a fun event that takes place at Worlds of Fun: Kansas City’s amusement park. It is very appreciated during the spooky season and entertains families and groups of friends. 

   Worlds of Fun’s Halloween Haunt is composed of a large variety of houses. Before these open, there is a parade of monsters that walk around the park. 

   In simple terms, these houses are ‘scary houses’ with a good spooky atmosphere with actors who try to scare you. But, are these houses actually scary? 

   “I’d like to say no, but, I like plugging my ears the entire time in all the houses and if I don’t have my ears plugged I get super scared,” Ty Lunceford, junior, said. 

   Some people are afraid of the Covid situation more than the haunted houses themselves. 

   “Yeah, I go every year. I’ve probably been for the last five years and I like it. This year was crowded so it wasn’t the best but I think it was just because people haven’t been because of Covid. The lines were super super long, but it was very fun,” Lunceford said. 

   Halloween Haunt doesn’t force you to go only to haunted houses, you can also stay at the park like a normal day. 

   In fact, if you buy the normal ticket and you add Halloween Haunt to the price, you will be able to go in the morning or the afternoon and wait for the actual event at seven p.m.  

   There is a big difference between Halloween Haunt and Haunted Houses downtown.

   “I don’t know, I like the park ones because there are so many, I think there are, like, eight houses. The ones downtown are all the same kind of scary, but they are very very scary,” Lunceford said. 

   If you are searching for a fun thing to do with family and friends, this event is fun and appreciated.


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