BSU – A family for all

Story and Photo by Bailee Council – Staff Reporter


   In the four years that the Black Student Union has been a part of LSN, they have become a safe place for many students. 

   “[BSU] Is a safe place for anyone to talk about any issues that they have. Overall it is a safe environment,” Trinity Myrick, senior, said.

   BSU has become a family for many students and became a place to speak with an open mind and opinion.

   “It’s a family,” Myrick said.

   Now, this safe place has ventured out to LSHS and LSW for students to address matters they feel need to be talked about in the community. Some of the students have a more personal reason to be in BSU. 

   “Over my 4 years I’ve experienced a lot of racism in the school and want a change for the lower classes. My brother and I also feel it’s really important for people to know just what’s going on,” Jade Davis, senior, said.

   Black Boy Joy, Black Girls Rock and last week’s topic of colorism have all been matters that BSU has discussed. 

   This community not only talks about cultural matters but simultaneously teaches you about your culture. Along with that, BSU is responsible for some of the events at LSN like the party in the parking lot and the Halloween party at an upcoming meeting. They have guest speakers, do community service, ACT prep and tutoring, Black History Month Celebration and college campus tours. All of these things are what comes within BSU. 

     “I want diversity from everywhere, not just black people but diversity from where you live, religion and so on,” Davis said. 

   BSU and teachers are always encouraging the choices of HBCU colleges. There is an  HBCU informational and panel decision event on November 4. This event will be held from 6:30 to 8:30 at Stansberry Leadership Center. Student members are all excited. 

   BSU loves seeing its students choosing an HBCU college as their first choice. And Davis is not the only one.

   “All my choices are HBCU schools,” Myrick said.

   Overall, BSU has become a family for all students here at LSN and now LSHS and LSW. BSU teaches these students about their culture, addresses problems in our community and hosts activities for the school. 

   Finally, BSU is a welcoming place where you can feel safe to talk and feel like you are part of a change.