Meet Ms. Williams – New Assistant Principal at LSN

Story and Photo by Abby Langle – Editor-in-Chief

  Tammie Williams is the new assistant principal at Lee’s Summit North. Before coming to Lee’s Summit, she taught for 22 years as an English teacher in the Hickman Mills and Raytown school districts. This will be her first year in administration as an assistant principal.

   “I attended Missouri Valley College and I didn’t even want to go into education but then I went on to get my master’s degree and both are English, then I started teaching and fell in love with teaching. As I became a teacher I said I wanna be an administrator, so it just kinda happened,” Williams said. 

   As Williams grew up, working in a school wasn’t on her mind of what she wanted to do, but it soon changed when she attended college.

   “Growing up I wanted to be a lawyer so I majored in English because you need that strong literary background just to be able to read lots of things but as I got older I was like I don’t think that’s for me. I think this is a better fit, I get to see kids and talk to them, get to go to athletic activities. I think being an attorney would probably be boring for me,” Williams said.

   Missouri has not always been Williams’ home. She attended college here but she grew up in Miami, Florida, which is also one of her favorite places to travel to.

   “I grew up in Miami, Florida so I love to go home so that’s one of my favorite places. I love to go to the beach cause I grew up on the beach so when I go, I have to go to the beach,” Williams said.

   Everyone finds some kind of joy in what they do. Williams finds joy and fun by working in a school and being surrounded by kids. 

   “The kids, they are fun and funny. Seeing them grow and mature, seeing kids from ninth grade and seeing who they become as seniors. A lot of times I love seeing kids after high school like when we become friends on Facebook and see how great they are doing. So I really enjoy that and seeing the progression. I fear hurting a kid, like my goal is to never hurt a kid in any position. I never want to do something that’s detrimental to them,” Williams said.

   Outside of school Williams is a mother and a wife, she is active in the community, loves to read books, listen to music and she enjoys watching track. 

   “Something that makes me happy is spending time with my family, we don’t have to do anything special as long as we can just sit around, have a good meal and just hang out together. [My proudest accomplishment is] being a mother,” Williams said. 

   Everyone has some sort of hero in their life, whether it is someone famous or someone in their family. When Williams thinks about her hero, one person immediately comes to mind. 

   “I look up to my mother. She’s just a strong woman, works hard, raised girls all by herself. She was a single mom so I am just proud to be her daughter because she’s a pretty strong woman,” Williams said. 

   Tammie Williams is more than meets the eye. She is an administrator who cares about students like she does her own family. 



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