ECO CLUB: LSN school becomes green

Story and Photo by Giorgia Risoldi – Staff Reporter


Students Alayna Cleaver, Hafssa Ouazzani and Jordan Wayland decided, after a long time, to re-open the Eco Club. 

   The Eco Club has been accessible for two weeks and it could be a very interesting club if students put effort into it. The vastness of affordable activities joining the club is incredible. 

   “We are gonna do some school cleanups, we just go around the school to clean it up. We are gonna have some planting days. My main goal is environmental awareness because I think our job as humans is to take care of the environment. I just want to spread environmental awareness throughout the school; promote recycling, I think that’s also very important, and hopefully, purify our school and plant more trees and plants,” Cleaver suggested to have a better environment at school.   

“It would be very nice to actually have a recycling, I know that a lot of fruit and vegetables are thrown away, it would be very useful to create a compost where people put their fruits and vegetables that they didn’t eat and put in in the soil to help trees and plants growth,” Alayna Cleaver, junior, said

   The special ideas that Eco Club can do could be very helpful too. 

   “I want to create something like a sort of ‘Earth Day’ celebration, and if that could be possible, maybe to educate young kids about the environment, and, if that could be possible, do it in elementary schools and teach them about environmental awareness and environmental issues,” Cleaver said. 

   Eco Club is a very interesting and helpful activity if students join and put effort into it.

   “I think people should join this club, it’s kinda like “low maintenance” you don’t have to do a lot, you’ll do some stuff and it’s not a crazy commitment like other clubs might be. If you are really interested in learning about the environment and what you can do to help the environment,  I think it would be a nice club. Even if you are just doing some community services, that’s fine,” Cleaver said. 

 This is the perfect club, good for the environment and for the whole school.


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