Freshman Isaiah Mozee takes the field

Story and Photo by Bailee Council – Staff Reporter


   From the age of five, Isaiah Mozee has loved football. This freshman not only made varsity his freshman year but definitely made it clear that he was here to stay. 

   “It is kind of crazy,  I did not believe it at first until the first game, and it all became real,” Mozee said.

   With six touchdowns this season and a few other big plays, Mozee does not let the pressure he may feel get to him. 

   “I feel some pressure to make a play at all times. To be honest, I do not really think about that part, I just play,” Mozee said.

   Playing not only quarterback but also wide receiver Mozee has his hands full with two very different positions.

 “Wide receiver feels more natural. Quarterback is not really what I wanted to do,” Mozee said.

   LSN is not the only one who has noticed Mozee’s talent. With division one offers coming in Mozee is proud to say that his future school is paid for. This will help him in the long run to achieve his goal of the NFL. 

   Mozee loves a lot of things in his life and has a lot of things going for him, but football has definitely made top of that list. 

   “I love it, everything from the environment  Atmosphere is crazy and I like it. Especially before the game when you have nerves built up waiting for kickoff is crazy,” Mozee said.

   As the season comes to an end, Mozee has definitely made his impact not only on the team but on LSN, and as a student-athlete of such a young age he has a bright future ahead of him in his football career.