Streaming Through the School with Our Newest Club

Story by Emma Brents – Staff Reporter


With the rise of popularity in gaming, streaming, and YouTubers all over the world making content, E-sports and gaming culture have risen tremendously for teenagers and the kids here at LSN are no exception.  

   E-sports club is Lee’s Summit North’s newest club and it’s gaining quite the attention for what it offers. 

   “So we have two sides to E-sports club, we have a casual side where people just join our Discord server and they hang out and play video games together, not competitively at all and more looking to play more with friends or meet new friends.  And then we’ve got the competitive side, where we do compete every week against schools,” Stan Dujakovich, Industrial Tech teacher, said. 

   Everything about the club is a little different than normal clubs. While lots of clubs meet once or twice a month at the school, the competitive E-sports club meets three times a week for competitions. The casual side of the club meets through the online gaming platform Discord.  

   Even though there are places for any video game and a group of people that get together and can play together, E-sports club has different competitive games they play each ‘season’. Currently, the fall season is Overwatch and Rocket League.

   “I’m excited that we have a really good Overwatch team, I’m excited about how young our Rocket League team is.  Which means that we’re gonna be together for quite some time,” Dujakovich said. 

   So if students are looking for a way to play the games they love or are wanting to get into video games and meet new people from all different backgrounds, the E-sports club is something they should go for. It offers anyone a way to have fun and there’s always a spot for everyone.  If you’re interested in joining the E-sports club, students should send an email to Mr. Dujakovich and then he’ll get in touch and tell you the next steps from there.