Archery Team 2021-2022

Story and Photo by Giorgia Risoldi – Staff Reporter


   The LSN Bronco Archery Team started as a club and became an actual team, in fact, the students have already competed in a tournament on Dec. 10.

   The last tournament called “Winter Round-Up” (hosted by Bernard Campbell Middle School) was a success. The LSN Bronco Archery team received a high score of 290 against the Campbell Mustangs with a high score of 277.

   “I think archery gets kids involved in the school, so even if you have a physical disability or anything like that, you can shoot archery,’’ Carrie Miller-Perry, archery coach, said. 

   Archery season is about to start and the team is getting ready for all the future tournaments.    “Tournament season typically starts in January and it will run through state competition that’s in the middle of March and then on Mother’s Day weekend of every year there is the national competition in Kentucky,’’ Miller-Perry said. 

   Archery team is composed of 25 students, all from different grades.

   “I think they’re going alright. We have some really good shooters on our team. We played our first tournament for males and females and Parker Katamura got first, he scored a 290 out of 300, and then Melea Hittle got first for females and shot a 270,” Miller-Perry said.

   They meet every Tuesday and Thursday at Bernard Campbell Middle School from 8:15 p.m to 9:15 p.m to practice.