Youth and Government

Story by Mia Gatti – Entertainment/Feature Editor

   Youth and Government has kicked off the year strong as they are in full force for their work. Youth and Government is a mock state government and it consists of the executive office, legislative body, and the judicial branch. It is a way for students to understand politics more, and step foot into this idea at a young age to see if it interests them in the long run. Youth and Government is for all high school students and can really teach students the politics world. 

   “My experiences at YAG were the best in high school, throughout the years it has always been so much fun to be a part of,” Sarah Green, senior, said. 

   Tavish Whiting is the main advisor of YAG, and you can sign up with him at the beginning of the year to put you in it all year. You can be a part of any of the branches, and it allows you to meet all kinds of new people within your school as well as the community and state. 

   “I would say just go! It is a unique experience and it may seem scary or nerdy but there is something for everyone and it is very rewarding. You don’t have to like or know anything about government to participate in YAG,” Green said. 

   At meetings and some presentations, there is a little bit of preparation that comes into play, especially for the conventions in December, you need to truly understand what you are talking about to relay the message you want. 

   “In judicial, we read a case summary and precedents from lower courts and other cases. These materials are 40 pages, then we formulate an argument of seven minutes. In legislative, we write our own bills and then present them. For both parts of the program we must be prepared to answer questions,” Raina Baker, senior, said. 

   Many people really do enjoy their time they have spent in Youth and Government and encourage many people to try it out next year. It might make some people get out of their comfort zone, but it is definitely something to try out. 

   “I would say try it! It may be cliche, but you can never understand the program until you join yourself. The experience of being in the capitol is so cool,” Baker said. 

   Think about looking into Youth and Government and it might surprise you how many great experiences you can have within this great program!


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